Delaktighet i forskningsprocessen

- PAR i en samtida kontext


  • Magdalena Elmersjö Socionom och docent i socialt arbete vid Södertörns högskola
  • Evelina Hoffmann Socionom och har en master i sexologi
  • Katarina Hollertz Socionom och fil.dr i socialt arbete vid Göteborgs universitet
  • Sara Hultqvist Socionom och fil.dr i socialt arbete vid Linnéuniversitetet



PAR, co-production, social work, applied research, robust knowledge, eldercare


Participation in the research process - PAR in a contemporary context.

Expectations and demands on coproduction in research have increased. Therefore, there is a need for knowledge on how these coproducing processes where researchers and practitioners work side by side during the research process can be carried out. In this article, methodological questions related to coproduction and collaboration between researchers and practitioners in the field of
social work are raised and discussed. The article draws on an on going research project where participatory action research (PAR) is the leading guideline. PAR in a contemporary context is understood as a democratization process, where values such as participation, mutual learning, empowerment, improvement and development of practice are given as much attention as the actual research findings. The research project discussed takes its starting point in Swedish eldercare, investigating situations of moral stress and moral agency. The project is carried out in close cooperation with three municipalities and institutions where future staff for eldercare are trained (social workers and auxiliary nurses). In the article the relations between researchers and practitioners are discussed. Strategies on how to establish cooperation applying a synergistic approach are highlighted. Furthermore, strategies for dissemination or research results are discussed. The article suggests PAR as a specific social work signature methodology, as PAR acknowledges the need for relational work as well as an action-oriented research agenda, well in line with the core values and understanding of social work as a professional practice and academic discipline. In the article, applying PAR in a contemporary context, is understood as a key component when striving for socially robust knowledge; that is, knowledge that is considered relevant and reliable in the eyes of all actors involved, in this case staff in municipal eldercare, as well as in academia.




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Elmersjö, M., Hoffmann, E., Hollertz, K. och Hultqvist, S. (2023) ”Delaktighet i forskningsprocessen: - PAR i en samtida kontext”, Socialvetenskaplig tidskrift, 29(3-4), s. 285–304. doi: 10.3384/SVT.2022.29.3-4.4672.