Kontext och deltagande kunskapsprojekt

- en kritisk reflektion


  • Tove Samzelius Lektor vid institutionen för socialt arbete, Malmö universitet




participatory research, co-production, single mothers, welfare reform, time


Based on 20 years of experience involving marginalized singles mothers in participatory knowledge projects, this article provides a personal and critical reflection on the importance of the contexts within which such projects develop. Through concrete examples of projects, developed during different historical periods and welfare regimes, the author illustrates how the political and economic context can create both opportunities and barriers for the participation of the disadvantaged groups and the grassroots organizations that represent them. Some of the tensions too as benefits that can arise when more radical self-organized grassroots groups collaborate with academic institutions are also highlighted. Finally, ethical issues regarding the ideals of commitment of marginalized groups within a welfare context where the time to participate is regulated and limited raises. Consequently, it is argued, there is a need for wider critical reflection and continuous dialogue about how the basic principles of more radical traditions, both in research and social work, can be adapted and incorporated in new ways, whilst also learning from past experiences.




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Samzelius, T. (2023) ”Kontext och deltagande kunskapsprojekt: - en kritisk reflektion”, Socialvetenskaplig tidskrift, 29(3-4), s. 269–284. doi: 10.3384/SVT.2022.29.3-4.4670.