Anmälningsbenägenhet vid utsatthet för hatbrott

  • Mika Andersson
  • Caroline Mellgren


The tendency to report hate crime victimization

There are indicators suggesting that the tendency to report hate crime victimization to the police is lower in comparison to crimes without such a motive. There are also reasons to believe that victims of hate crime base their cost-benefit analysis of whether to report on a unique set of factors that differ from other crime types. The present study compares report rates for hate crimes and crimes without a bias-motive among Swedish university students. Reasons from refraining from reporting are also examined though a thematic analysis. The results show that victims of hate crime report their victimization to a significantly lower extent than other victims. Those who refrain from reporting trivialize and normalize their experiences, find alternative solutions to handle their victimization, and/or have a low trust in the police


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Andersson, M. och Mellgren, C. (2016) ”Anmälningsbenägenhet vid utsatthet för hatbrott”, Socialvetenskaplig tidskrift, 22(3-4). doi: 10.3384/SVT.2015.22.3-4.2342.

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